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Here's all the shizz I'm looking for, from rare to strange, inexpensive to unobtainable!

Meet the Feebles (DFE 975001LD)
  • Ok, like? Meet the Feebles is like, the coolest movie ever? For some reason I assumed it didn’t have an LD release and a few weeks ago I was blessed (and cursed) with the knowledge that Germany's own Dragon Film Entertainment of all publishers DID PUT IT OUT! AND IT’S PAL! AND SUPER EXPENSIVE! AND LIMITED TO 500 COPIES! CUZ FUCK ME, RIGHT?!?!? Heidi the Hippo is such a queen <3
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Ultimate Version (STLI-3033)
  • A badass Japanese boxset of one of THE BEST horror films ever dreamt up? Yes please! The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Ultimate Version was put out by… someone? Some publisher whose logo is unintelligible to the point where no one on LDDB (as of 7/30/21) has figured it out, so I set out on a mission! Long story short it’s BEAM Entertainment, turns out their logo is on some other horror boxsets I own. Time to be a good samaritan and post some updates on LDDB!
Zombie Holocaust (DFE 985012LD)
  • Some grade A garbage from Dragon Film Entertainment, Zombie Holocaust (perhaps better known as Doctor Butcher M.D.) is a great example of Italian exploitation cinema and is super laaaaame. But it's got both zombies AND cannibals! Holy f*ck! Oh, did I mention this and Street Trash are the only two NTSC releases from Dragon?
Sanguelia: Collector's Special (00LS 15~16)
  • Soooooo... this is a case of "if you know you know". This is Sony Video Software's release of Fulci's Zombie/ZOMBI 2, featuring both the English and Italian language version on their own discs respectively! It also includes a piece of film from one of the original theatrical prints, and a pricetag of like $400 - $1k! YIKES! But I still kinda want it...