The New York Ripper (LAP-0200)
Parade Parade: Side A (JSLA52877)
Parade Parade: Side B (JSLA52878)
Perfect Blue: Special Collection Box (PILA-9002)
Todd Rundgren: TR-i Live in Cyberia (VPLR-70587)
Serial Experiments Lain (PILA-1500) - (PILA-1505)
Street Trash (DFE 985014LD)
Street Trash (SF078-5199)
The Toxic Avenger: Unrated Director's Cut (TRO-7000)
Video Drug 3: Fantasy (TOLS-1096)
Video Drug 4: Sexy Nature (TOLS-1097)
Virtual Drug: Ecstasy (PCLP-00284)
Virtual Drug: Trance (PCLP-00285)
Virtual Drug: Nature's Ecstasy-Flower/Wave (PCLP-00370)
Virtual Drug: Flash/Zone (PCLP-00404)
Frank Zappa: Does Humor Belong in Music? (VPLR-70275)
Zombie: Special Edition (RGL9625)